I’ve used Vertex, coat boost and Power boost on every dog I’ve competed with for over 10 years and swear by these products. This is a contact sport and the best way to keep my dogs safe and sound is to keep them in shape with strong muscles. Vertex shows results for muscle growth and recovery to work again the next day. My dogs love the taste and I love the results

Kliff vom Floyd Haus 2016 Canadian National Champion 2016 USCA GSD Nationals Vice-Champion 2017 FCI Vice World Champion 2017 WUSV World Team Member 2017 USCA GSD Nationals Vice Champion 2018 AWDF National Champion 2018 FCI Vice World Champion 2018 WUSV World Team Member Endeavor Ostraryka 2020 New England Regional Vice Champion 2020 AWMA North Champion 2020 FMBB World Team Member 2021 New England Regional Vice Champion 2021 FMBB World Team Member 2021 FCI World Team Member 2022 FMBB World Team Member Asko von der Siegermacht 2021 New England Regional Champion 2022 GSDCA National Vice Champion 2022 GSDCA National Universal Sieger 2022 WUSV World Universal Sieger, 1st place in IGP portion, 4th place overall

Frank Phillips

"As I'm starting to prep Caribou for his 6th and last trial season, we couldn't do it without the best supplement out there, so I ordered some Vertex, to help recover and build his muscles, and keep his weight, energy and stamina up... The difference on energy level is is very noticeable on a dog that trains on a daily basis... Great product made by Mike Williams's CPN Nutrition. I am very lucky to have a CPN dealer, Andy Whobrey, 1 mile from my house!! If you wanna learn more about this product check www.k9performance.com, and if you are in the Indy area, or in the midwest you can get it straight from Andy's websitewww.indyraw.com"

Mario Sergio Gomes national and world level IPO competitor.

"In this sport, nutrition and conditioning are more than half the battle. Your dog must have the muscle to support the constant impact on top of daily wear and tear. The nutrition must be there to fuel the motor and assist in the recovery process. Staying on top of this allows for more weekly training sessions and less days off. These additional sessions add up over the years allowing your dog to reach their full potential. This is why my dog gets Vertex with every evening meal. Vertex covers the basis and I can focus on training."

Diamond Hansel and Mohawk’s Scooter.

"I've always been a skeptic when it comes to supplements for dogs. When Greg began to have stamina issues due to a health concern during the World Qualifier in 2014 I decided to look into CPN's Vertex and Power Boost. I have to admit that I was amazed. I saw an immediate, yes I said immediate increase in stamina with the Power Boost after exercise and the cumulative effects of combining the Vertex daily took me from nearly pulling from the world team to a 7th place finish at the 2014 WUSV World Championship in Hagenau France. Seeing is believing for me."

Wallace Payne. Current USCA National Champion and 7th in the World with Greg vom Maulachtal, several times WUSV World Team member, 3rd, 4th place finisher with Merlin von Conneforde.

I have been using CPN's products Vertex and Power Chow now for 5 years and am thrilled with it's results. My dogs all have great muscle mass, shinny healthy coats and phenomenal stamina. I have raised many dogs on these products, in fact I have even used it on my mothers during their whole pregnancy and rearing of their puppies. I couldn't be happier with CPN's Vertex and Power Chow for many reasons: it's product consistency is wonderful...I never have issues with stomach upset from batch to batch like I have with other products. I get all my products in a timely manner & the CPN company is very friendly and easy to contact. I will continue to use this wonderful product and recommend it to anyone who wants the best out of their performance dogs. This products is by far the best one out there and I don't trust just anything for my dogs!

Lisa Kronz

Am/Can/Int'; Ch Mirabeau's Ter Vu Kohlicious

He is what I call a Major Vertex champion! Vertex helped Kohl regrow his coat to a wonderful thickness, keep weight on and at 4yrs is being brought out for the first time as a Special to compete for a possible top ranking this year. We could have never done this without Vertex. Believe me I know.

MT Pet

Tina L Brown "It's All About The Dogs"

I am writing to express how happy I am with your products. I compete in dock diving at the elite level with Pico, my extremely intense belgian tervuren. I need Pico to be in the best possible condition she can be to compete successfully. Dock Dogs events last all day and in any weather and Pico jumps many many times each day.

Before I discovered CPN's products, I had problems with Pico in the heat. She gives so much of herself and is so intense that she would overheat quickly. I could not exercise her for more than a few minutes at a time, even in weather that was not all that hot. In addition she was often too excited to drink at competitions but would then go to the hotel and drink bowl after bowl of water, which is not good. I tried adding various products and supplements to her water, but she ignored them all.

Some schutzhund friends told me about CPN's products and I began using Vertex, Power Chow2 and their salmon oil. I was extremely pleased with the results. I noticed increased stamina, Pico was much more willing to work and play in the heat and she developed even better muscling and a gorgeous coat with a deeper, richer color. Using PowerChow 2 in her water has inspired her to drink no matter what is going on around her, which was a real relief!

This past weekend was a true test for Pico and for the CPN products. Pico was invited to compete in the Dock Dogs World Championships in Hayward Wisconsin. Temperatures soared to record highs. It was over 100 degrees each day. Pico had never experienced weather that hot in her life! Because of the tight schedule the dogs had to be on their marks and ready to go, which meant waiting in the blazing sun for the dogs ahead of you to finish. This is an extremely difficult situation for Pico, as she works herself up into a frenzy watching other dogs jump and I was concerned that she would burn herself out before we even got on the dock.

I am pleased and delighted to say that Pico had NO trouble with the heat at all! She was as energetic on the third day of competing in the intense heat as she was on the first! It was obvious that some dogs were getting tired by the third day, but Pico had a lot left in the tank by the end of the competition. I am very sure that if it were not for Vertex and PowerChow2, the results would've been very different for us at this competition.

Pico made her dockdiving debut in Spring of 2005. Pico was just "tagging along" while her big brother Granite competed. And truthfully, her first event was not auspicious. Pico barked and cried at her toy floating in the water, but didn't jump!

By her second event, though, Pico seemed to figure out this dockdiving game, and she started jumping...first Junior level jumps but rapidly gaining distance as her confidence increased.

With less than six months of dockdiving under her belt, Pico went to the 2005 Cabela's DockDogs National Championship competing at the Junior level. Pico turned in a Masters level jump of 21?9? that had the crowd roaring, followed by another Masters level jump of 20?7? to become the 2005 DockDogs Junior National Champion!

Pico hasn't looked back! She continues to improve her jumping style and increase her distances.

Pico also crosstrains in agility and tracking.

Visit Pico's website »


This is Vixen ... she was on your product throughout her pregnancy and her babies are now on the products ... powered by CPN from BIRTH!

This is Static ... she is bilaterally dysplastic and had both hip surgically corrected. She has been on Vertex & Power Chow her whole life like all my other dogs ... but she was also raised on Structure. Her muscle has built back up and made her a phenomenal athlete. She plays flyball, frisbee and herding.

Rival's Dart FMCH, FMCh, OA, AD
Call name: Dart
Owner : Julie Stanek
DOB: 02/14/2001


  • 2002 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Champions
  • 2002, 2004-2005 Member of NAFA Regional Champions Team
  • 2002 Member of NAFA Champions team

Dart is a very versitile athlete competing in both flyball and agility while training in obedience and herding. Dart has run on 3 Regional Championship teams and has raced in the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge appearing on TV several times. Dart has raced on all of the three teams in Region 5 to ever break the 16 second barrier, there are only 19 teams in the WORLD to do this and Dart has been on 3 of them. He is known for his power, speed and the ability to work for anyone. He is also a very proven stud dog with all of his puppies excelling at their venues.

Offspring's No Speed Limit
Call name: Flyer
Owner : Lisa Kronz
DOB: 10/11/1998


  • 1999-2001 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Finalists
  • 2002 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Champions
  • 2000-2001 ESPN Great Outdoor Games
  • 1999-2002 Member of NAFA Regional Champions Team
  • 2004-2005 Member of NAFA Regional Champions Team
  • 2002 Member of NAFA Champions team

Flyer came into Lisa's life in 1998, launching one of the most successful flyball partnerships in NAFA's Region 5 history. Flyer has anchored six Regional Championship teams and has raced in the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge and ESPN Great Outdoor Games appearing on TV several times. Flyer has raced on all three of the teams in region 5 to first run the full course (flyball) in under 16 seconds. There are only 3 teams in Texas and only 19 teams in the WORLD that have accomplished this performance.

Flyer is still the core dog on Hyper Flight's A team "Stealth". She is also, at nearly 8 years old, the club's fastest dog still able to post times in the 3.7's with an occasional 3.6 second run for good measure. She is known for her for her blazing box turn, amzing powerful acceleration and consistently driven work ethic. Flyer excells at flyball as that is her owners chosen venue. However she loves to swim for hours, run on the treadmill at full speed (of course), and race for a frisbee any chance she can get. She has been featured on the cover of Dog & Handler magazine, the cover of 2 Published books, and has done print ads for several companies.

As a former competitive body builder and collegiate wrestler, I know the importance of proper nutrition to give you that competitive edge over your opponents. However, because of the extreme demands placed on an athlete's body, proper nutrition cannot always fulfill the body's needs. In order to get the most out of an athlete the key is proper supplementation. It can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

The problem here is that a lot of athletes have no knowledge, or very little about supplementation. So, they need to seek professional advice. Our canine athletes are the same. We ask them to perform to their fullest under all kinds of conditions: extreme weather, stress, and sometimes with injuries. Proper supplementation and proper conditioning is the key to getting the most out of your canine athlete. With proper diet and supplementation you can condition your dog to achieve its maximum in muscle development, endurance, energy levels, and recovery time.

In my opinion, K9 performance has made the finest canine supplement available today--Vertex. This product helped my canine athlete, Anja vom Waldbach, become the most titled Rottweiler in United States Rottweiler Club history. Anja won the 2004, 2005 National Siegerin titles for conformation. She was the 2003 National Schutzhund 2 Champion and 2005 National Schutzhund 3 Champion. Anja also won the 2002, 2003, 2005, and 2006 Universal Siegerin titles for the top working and conformation female Rottweiler in the USRC. At the 2005 National Schutzhund Championship she took High in Trial, High H.O.T., High Protection, High Obedience, and High Scoring Female with a score of 287=94, 95, 98a. She achieved all this after battling back from TPLO surgery and two litters.

Vertex allowed her to pack on muscle, increase her energy and endurance levels, and radically improve her recovery time. I don't believe she could have done it without Vertex. I want to thank Mike Williams and K9 Performance for developing such an excellent product. I've got to say though Mike, I've got mixed feelings about recommending Vertex. If too many people start using it I may lose my competitive edge.

Chuck Wilson - Proud Owner, Handler, Trainer, and Breeder of NSchHCh'05, NS '04,'05, UvS '02,'03,'05,'06, NERS '02 Anja vom Waldbach SchH3, BH, AD, LBST

Colby was born on October 15th 2001 in Fenton Michigan. He is a Black Labrador - Doberman Mix. At 9 weeks old he was adopted by a family that could not care for him. I had been waiting for 19 years to get a dog and finally moved to pet friendly housing. I immediately got on petfinder and Colby was the first dog I saw. At that moment I knew he was the dog I had to have. I went to the rescue and meet him and it was love at first sight. Colby came home on December 26th 2001.

Colby's jumping career started in 2005 at 3 years old. I got a phone call from my dad saying that there was a competition with dogs jumping off a dock. I knew Colby could do that and drove the 3 hours up too Traverse City, Michigan to try out this sport.

The first jump Colby had was a 18.03 foot jump. This jump was good enough to win his first wave ever. He proceeded to take 5th place overall. We were hooked at that point. His next competition he received his first Master jump of 20.09 taking 1st place again in the first 3 waves.

Colby's third competition was 2005 Dock Dog Nationals. He was entered for Extreme Vertical which he had never done in a competition before. We were the underdogs at this point as the only newbie. We were the first dog to secure a spot in the finals which he did with ease.

In the finals we had a number of good dogs we were going against with including the world record holder, Nestle. Colby proceeded to not only win Nationals but also tie the world record at this event. After that Colby set a new world record of 6'11" the next weekend in an ultimate air dogs event.

Since this time Colby has achieved an Elite title with 5 jumps over 23 feet and a personal best of 24.06. He has also achieved a new world record in vertical of 7'4" at the Super Retriever Series in Hutto, TX. He is also the 2006 Ultimate Air Dogs Vertical National Champion and Record Holder. He is currently the World Record Holder for Extreme Vertical indoors with a 7'1" jump. He is also the only dog to make the 2007 Super Retriever Series in both distance and vertical 2 years in a row and make the top 6 in both events!

In 2006 at the Crown Championship Colby torn his Achilles tendon. Since that time we have done numerous forms of rehab and tired several alternative treatments to keep the tendonitis and inflammation down. I have never come across anything that works quite like Vertex and Power Chow.

Colby started on Vertex and Power Chow before the 2007 Crown Championships after hearing great things about it use with tendon and muscle injury. Since he has been on the Vertex and Power Chow his leg muscles have grown significantly. It has also keep the stiffness and inflammation away during hard workout and long competitions.

I have received several comments from people that have seen my dogs in the last 2 months and have asked what I am doing with them after starting the combination. They have seeming endless energy and recover much faster then I have seen from them in the last 5 years. I attribute our success at this event from the use of Vertex before the event and Power Chow through out the event. I will never be at an event with out these two supplements again!

Anna Borovich

This is AKC Champion RedBranch Radiant Sunset at NyaStar, Aoife (ee-fa), she has been on Vertex since she was 3 months old. She is the youngest Irish Red & White Setter Champion, the first for the west coast, and 7th champion for the breed. Vertex has helped us maintain a wonderful coat and muscle tone on our girls. We have had a number of issues keeping weigh on our setters until we started using Vertex, now we swear by it. Even my dysplastic Clumber Spaniel, Ella, has had fewer issues with her arthritic changes due to Vertex. Vertex has enabled Ella to continue her service dog work. THANK YOU VERTEX!! Our dogs are a walking Vertex advertisement, now both our parents use Vertex with their dogs. Try this product for thirty days, I promise you will love it as much as we do. Photos are of our setters and of our Clumber Spaniel.

Kellyn Miller & Shawn Hazen - Nya Star Irish Red & White Setters

I want to thank you for the Vertex for my Nena. I can't believe the difference it made in her performance at the Belgium Championships! This stuff really works.

Johnny Degens - Many times world competitor and handler of Zidane von haus Sevens.