There is nothing more reassuring than walking into a store to buy something, and you are lucky enough to have a person assisting you who knows everything about what you're looking for, your concerns based on your needs, and guides you with professionalism and knowledge, because they've been there and done it a thousand times.  That's the best way I can describe our staff at CPN.

We are dog people who have dogs that currently compete and have competed in dog sports all our lives.  We have firsthand knowledge of several breeds, and over 20 years of experience in nearly every breed or sport.  We know what will work and what won't, and if we don't feel like one of our products will perform for you, we will tell you.

One of my pet peeves is something that doesn't do what it says it will.  People pay good, hard earned money for products and they need to do what they claim.  Our products do what we claim.  If you don't feel they performed the way we say, call me, tell me your concerns and I promise I will listen, and we will work out a solution.


President - Canine Performance Nutrition
P: 515-955-4801